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Being a new manager can be overwhelming. You may get promoted because you excel as an individual contributor, but you'll quickly realize "what got you here will not get you there."

You're not alone if you ever felt lost as a new manager. 50% of managers never got any training. For the other 50%, the training programs are rarely thorough enough to make you feel confident about being a capable manager.

That's why 60% of new managers fail in 12-24 months. Shouldn't your hard-earned promotion make your career more successful instead of putting it at risk? Eventually, you may feel the only option is to leave the company and start over because your current job doesn't make you feel good anymore.

But starting over in a new company means you'll have to prove yourself again, and after you do, you may be promoted, and the same issues will arise one more time.

The solution is teaching yourself management. And we want to help you get started.

We've curated 200+ books, videos, and courses and put them in a searchable library.

You can filter them based on topics such as: performance, strategy, feedback, communication, 1:1 meetings, remote team, motivation, and managing up.

We took recommendations from 60+ managers and directors that we interviewed with a total of 150+ hours of work. We're excited to share our learnings with you.

We're also creating a Discord server where you can share your stories and offer each other emotional support.

Let's succeed as managers in 2023!

What's included:

  • A link to the library of 200+ curated resources (Instant Access)
  • An invite to join our Discord server of like-minded managers (Instant Access)
  • Manager self-reflection workbook in PDF format (January, 2023)

From the interviews we did, we've identified 4 areas of being a great manager.

  1. Set yourself up for success
    How to optimize your own time and energy
    How to overcome Imposter Syndrome
    How to manage up and gain support
  2. Drive performance
    How to delegate well and set goals
    How to communicate expectations
    How to motivated the team
  3. Keep your team engaged
    How to promote well-being and prevent burnout
    How to engage remote or hybrid team members
    How to understand what your team needs
  4. Give and receive feedback
    How to communicate performance issues
    How to run more effective 1:1 meetings
    How to grow as a leader with feedback

So why subscribe to ManagerStash when you could google "Books for new managers"?

We know you are looking for the best resources on being a good manager, and so are we. We relied heavily on Google in our research and curation process. There is an overwhelming amount out there! The challenge we face today with learning is not a scarcity of wisdom but a low chance of finding what you need the most in your current situation.  

Here is the approach we used to ensure you can get personalized help instead of generic advice that's basic and not actionable.

  • Start with a manager competency framework - We developed one after conducting 60+ interviews
  • Research to make sure we've provided several top-quality resources in ALL competency areas
  • Provide an assessment to help you figure out known areas of improvement and areas of possible improvements unknown to you
  • Allow you to filter resources based on your current need

In addition, when faced with redundant resources, e.g., multiple books on the same competency areas, we've favored ones that not only talked about the what but also provided the how. Generally, we found these resources to be more helpful and practical because it doesn't require "magic switches" like "just snap out it," "just do it," "just remember," "just face it," or "just use your willpower."

We found that willpower isn't required once new ideas and knowledge are fully absorbed. If your mindset shifts, your behavior will follow. If your behavior hasn't changed, then your mindset hasn't finished evolving. It's usually a sign that the resources haven't surfaced all the insight for you to fully understand it.

We've also favored books whose content, based on our knowledge, can be reframed using behavioral economics and organizational psychology. This quality gives us confidence that they'll be highly likely to work even when there is not as much data as of yet.

We are excited to kick off this approach with you!

Everyone can become a great people leader.


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ManagerStash - 200+ curated books, videos, and programs to help you succeed as a people leader

5 ratings